Palazzo del Capo

Spa & Relax

Discussing all of our experience and our tradition of hospitality is the new and exciting challenge we have set ourselves.

How to deal with, then, another new route to the conquest of ‘Excellence and Quality, which have always been our passion?

Simply raising the desire to differentiate our services and spaces for welcoming all ‘inside of the palace, so that our guests will feel more and more, the protagonist of a holiday special, indeed unique.

And thanks to our sensibilities and our attention to detail, combined with the achievements made possible by advanced technology, perfected by a Partner of success. The ancient atmosphere of the palace has taken up this new function without showing it. As they do for the thousands of details that the guest leaves the palace to discover and scan alone, try to influence, now, the mind of whoever crosses the threshold voltage with an ideal towards new frontiers of harmony between body and spirit.