Palazzo del Capo


Civil or religious ceremony and wedding reception at the Palazzo del capo have a unique opportunity for those who want a special day for say their yes .


The organization of such an event must follow a protocol that does not flawless, you can adapt to a location between the olive and fig trees of india, as unfortunately happens to be present when you follow the “original ideas”of farm owners or organizations catering.

Palazzo del Capo shall make available its entire structure for a single event at a time outdoors on the lawn of the beautiful garden overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the elegant rooms that can seat up to three hundred guests. The rich menu prepared by renowned kitchens and wine cellars are stored in the table or buffet served by staff expertly formed, selected and controlled by the expert eye of ourmaitre.

The “wedding coordinator” is responsible to provide our guests the peace of mind to couples and safety required that each and every problem will be solved by careful follow-up and dedicated to directing their most important day. Also for this reason we are chosen by a demanding foreign clients eager to set the wedding on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean.